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Did you know that 72% of customers will only buy from you after reading positive reviews?

In fact, 58% people will read between 4 & 20 reviews before taking action!

Getting a constant stream of social proof for your business should be a strategic imperative for growing your online sales.

When designing your product pages for maximum conversion, one of the most important conversion elements is the customer review section.

Unless your customer already knows exactly what to expect, very few will purchase without reading the opinion of others. Today’s consumers are more savvy than ever. They don’t just look for a few reviews, they’re examining your overall rating, how recent the reviews are, and whether they can confirm if the positive ones are trustworthy by looking for the verified badge.

But here’s the rub. 75% of consumers say they almost never leave reviews, while an unhappy customer is statistically 7X more likely to leave a negative review than a happy customer.

The short story is that to keep your social proof profile looking appealing to potential new customers, you need to both actively manage your review profile as well as deliver a steady stream of new reviews.

Messenger is arguably the most effective
channel for encouraging new reviews

The good news is that when you’ve driven the sale through Messenger in the first place, the
channel is a fabulous tool for encouraging new reviews as well as managing and turning around
negative experiences. Of course, all of that can be automated using well-crafted chatbots, putting
the acquisition of user-generated content on auto-pilot.

5 Tips for boosting
your review profile

  • Make sure you deliver unexpected value after
    making a sale
  • Make it easy for the customer to leave a review by
    taking them right to the correct entry form
  • Jump in quickly when you get a negative review to
    deliver exceptional service
  • Encourage customers to leave reviews with
    incentives such as store discounts or loyalty points
  • Promote really great new reviews to your email
    audience or on social media, and invite customers
    to also have their say

Base Jump will be perfect for your brand if

  • You want to increase the review rate of your products on your eCom store or Amazon product
  • Keep your overall review rating high by converting more happy customers into reviewers
  • Turn around more negative reviews with exceptional and fast service
  • Encourage more user-generated content, including user videos to improve sales
  • Automate the process of incentivising reviews to keep your strategy on auto-pilot

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