To get your $850 Messenger Strategy session free...

To get your $850 Messenger Strategy session free...

Growing an online business consistently and profitably

Falling email open rates. Rising cost and
complexity of campaigns on the major ad
platforms. Websites that convert on average at
only 2%. Some days it’s enough to make you
want to crawl into a box isn’t it?

If these issues sound familiar


In fact, there are conversations taking place are about this very issue, every day.
At conferences, in Facebook groups, at Marketing meet ups, in client meetings.

The question is, how do you attract more of your ideal (profitable) customers, and encourage their repeat business?

Solve this ONE problem and see your business go from ordinary to outstanding. See your sales and customer base grow month after month without the need to take on additional staff.

They know your brand, love your support, and snap up your offers. Imagine being able to scale that, selling more products, to more of your ideal customers, without needing to take on more staff.

Could you relax more knowing that your business was on a solid, predictable growth path?

Lets chat about what Beyond Points’ solutions can do to catapult your business growth using the world’s fastest growing marketing channel – Facebook Messenger.

The key to being visible in crowded online world is getting your brand in front of your ideal customers where they already love to hang out.

Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion active members every day. Imagine how many conversations are taking place and how much business is being done over this channel. Here’s some further insights you may not know about Messenger.

The New Opportunity

Here’s Proof

Why should YOU consider adopting
Messenger Marketing?

With Messenger Marketing you can have many personalized,
1 to 1 conversations. It’s interactive, instantaneous, and,
when using chatbots, infinitely scalable.

Because Messenger is where your customers already hangout,
it is far more cost effective than email or other channels.

It works MUCH better than email!

Email vs Messenger Marketing

Messenger funnels can be 35x more effective than email

Camps Australia Case Study

Beyond Points helped Australia’s leading camping
guide publisher Camps Australia Wide to:

  • Build their online authority
    and reach new audiences
  • Launch the latest edition of
    the main guide book
  • Grow their online direct to consumer sales

The initial engagement ran in 2 parts – a Messenger-based give away to build awareness and targeted
Facebook Ads to Messenger funnel pre-Launch campaign.

In just 7 days Camps acquired 6000 Messenger subscribers who matched their idea customer avatar, targeted Messenger subscribers, almost 50% were totally new to the company.

Direct sales resulted in 7X ROI using the Beyond Points Giveaway. BOT and a super targeted Facebook Messenger funnel.

The prelaunch Messenger campaign massively outperformed a traditional email to sales page funnel, even on one of the most engaged email lists the team has ever seen!

“‘Beyond Points’ ran a Facebook ad campaign which delivered 15 times return on spend in this phase. It outperformed traditional media spend massively…

Overall a wonderful result with a team who want to ensure you get amazing bang for your spend. We certainly did. We are now embarking on more and larger projects with the Beyond Points team and we are excited at the potential outcomes!”

Heatley Gilmore, CEO
at Camps Australia Wide

Get the full case study in Facebook Messenger now


Break Through the Noise.

Be Responsive. Automatically.
Instantly. 24/7

Messenger is the world’s fastest growing, uncrowded communication channel.

When implemented via chatbots, Messenger
becomes your 24/7 customer service agent,
providing instant solutions to customers.

It’s your always-available sales assistant –
engaging and educating customers 35x more
effectively than the traditional ‘email to web
funnels’ most marketers talk about.

When implemented via chatbots, Messenger
becomes your 24/7 customer service agent,
providing instant solutions to customers.

It’s your always-available sales assistant –
engaging and educating customers 35x more
effectively than the traditional ‘email to web
funnels’ most marketers talk about.

The Messenger Sales Funnel That Works

Use next level strategies and key insights to attract and reach your ideal
customer with sophisticated Facebook Ads

Use the Beyond Points
‘Likeable Selling ”
approach to engage and
educate using Messenger
Chatbot conversations

Send raging hot leads
to buy direct on your
web store

Plus, by engaging with customers on Messenger, conversations are kept personal.
Customers are not just a name on a marketing list, you’re actively building a
meaningful relationship. Relationships are the basis of loyalty.

Do you treat your shoppers as real people, do you serve with a personal touch and build relationships with them….

Take the Relationships Litmus test >

If your brand went out of business, would it be missed?

You cannot build a strong base of loyal customers (which
translates into repeat business), without having a
relationship with each one of them.

Loyal consumers buy 90% more often, spend 60% more per transaction and are five times more likely to return to your business.

In fact, just a 5% increase in customer retention will increase a company’s profit by as much as 75%.

Focusing on repeat sales, we take your business beyond Messenger

We Take Your
Business Beyond

Introducing eWallet Loyalty

Be the brand of choice in eWallet.

Customers will not consider other brands if yours is already in their mobile wallet.

To really turbo charge your profits, our clients can enjoy the same mobile wallet loyalty
solutions used so effectively by some of the world’s most successful brands.

How Does It Work?

Customer receives
a compelling offer
in Messenger, and
downloads to
mobile wallet on
their phone.

purchases the
offer, earning
points to be
redeemed later

You promote weekly or
monthly offers to your
customers, which appear
as push notifications on
their phone. Brings them
back to Messenger

purchases offer,
earning more
points and unlocks
rewards to
purchase again.

How effective is mobile loyalty?

So effective it’s used by these big brand names globally and responsible for massive share of wallet!

At Starbucks, 21% of their entire business comes from Mobile Wallet Loyalty

Marriott Group Reports: 55% of their entire business is attributed to Mobile Wallet Loyalty

Previously only available with big brand budgets, it’s something that can be implemented to rocket your sales.

Mobile Wallet

Beyond Points

We call this the Beyond Points Amplifier. And it gives you an unfair and absolute
lock-in advantage over your customers, and even over these big brands.

The exact same system these big brands use is here for you with Beyond Points.

While Coca Cola, Marriott and Starbucks are using Messenger to keep their fans close, Beyond Points has the expertise, tools and software so your business leverage these cutting edge techniques at a fraction of the cost.

Why Now?

“The early adopters of SEO were able to dominate the SERPs and gain massive organic search traffic. The early adopters of Facebook groups built massive followings. The early adopters of Twitter created huge brands and cultivated enormous influence.

The earlier you learn and use a new marketing tactic, the more likely you are to benefit from it. It’s the perfect time to use Facebook Messenger bots.”

– Neil Patel

The earlier you learn and use a new marketing tactic, the more likely you are to benefit from it. It’s the perfect time to use Facebook Messenger bots.

Jump in while it’s still a ground floor opportunity.

Get on board early and build an engaging and profitable customer base before your competitors do

How Beyond Points can help you

We leverage the power of Messenger conversations to attract, engage and retain loyal customers for eComm businesses, Amazon sellers and direct to consumer brands.

Talk to us today if your business:

  • Has 5 – 5000 products
  • Has a Facebook business page
  • Needs to grow sales and build loyal customers, profitably
  • Needs to leverage expertise from a team that offers fast and efficient implementation & technical knowledge.

To get your $850 Messenger Strategy session free…

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The Benefits For You Are Waiting

Book Your FREE 3-6-9
discovery call worth $850

Meet with our strategists for 1 hour – note this is not a sales call. We take a deep dive to analyse and plan for your business.

We’ll discover if Messenger solutions fit with your 3-6-9 month business objectives, and if Beyond Points can help skyrocket your sales.

NOTE – we only work with a business where we are certain we can at least double your ROI in 3 months.

To get your $850 Messenger Strategy session free…

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Why Choose Beyond Points?

We build Messenger conversations that engage users, deliver offers and encourage viral
sharing. Our solutions build loyalty, increase sales and multiply repeat business.

We are very different from other online agencies.

So much so, we’re not really an agency at all.

Sue Prentice & Giles Smith founded and grew a 7 figure ecommerce brand in just a few years. We’ve felt the pain of every dollar spent, as well as dollars wasted on advertising and marketing services that didn’t get the expected results.

Realising the power of repeat business, we adopted Messenger Marketing early when Facebook Messenger chatbots were almost unheard of.

In fact, our brand was one of the earliest eCommerce businesses to leverage Messenger chatbots via the Manychat platform. That was back in early 2017.

Unlike other agencies claiming to be able to build a chatbot and knowing what works for eComm brands – we’ve really DONE it and got results worth sharing.

Recognised as Industry Experts

One of the first Agencies worldwide to be awarded Manychat Agency Status

The first company in Australia to be certified Messenger Marketing Experts for eCommerce

We’ve been invited to present on Chatbots and Messenger Marketing at events such as Digital Marketer Downunder alongside Facebook guru Molly Pittman, on podcasts such as Romance Your Tribe, and at high-level business masterminds such as The Collective with Greg Cassar.

Greg Cassar

Serial Entrepreneur, Top 1% Marketer, Business Coach

Janet Beckers

Business Coach, international speaker and Australian Marketer of the Year

Molly Pittman

Digital marketing expert and educator, Co-host of Perpetual Traffic podcast