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"With Beyond Points' help we have grown our online sales by 5X over the past year"
Heatley Gilmore | CEO Camps Australia Wide

The 4-Step Growth Process

  • Ignition

  • Elevation

  • Expansion

  • Domination

The Truth is, growing an online brand takes a lot more than just spending more on Ads.

At Beyond Points, we leverage our experience of starting & growing multi-million dollar consumer brands to drive the growth of your online store. From Facebook to Packaging Design, from Customer Engagement to SMS marketing, partnering with us will give you scaling advantages no other agency can provide.

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Feedback From Our Clients

Case Studies & Results

How SoundWhiz Exploded from $200k to $2.2M in Online Sales with Elevation

Working with us delivered:

  • 500% increase in organic traffic
  • 400% ROI from Google Shopping
  • Page 1 Ranking on Amazon US, UK & AU
  • Over 1300 Buyer Reviews
Even in one of the world’s most competitive niches, SoundWhiz was able to leverage the power of Facebook to build an engaged brand and drive sales across 16 countries! Through a combination of Facebook & Instagram organic engagement, Paid Media, Chat Marketing and strategic website optimization, the brand added $2m in sales over 18 months.

How Camps Australia Wide Increased their online sales by 500%

Working with us delivered:

  • Additional 40k email subscribers, 30k Messenger Subscribers and 10k Facebook community
  • Over $500k in website sales
  • 400% ROI from Google Ads
  • 35% Abandoned Cart Conversion using Messenger
Camps Australia Wide is Australia’s most trusted source of camping & RV touring guides. Being an established print publisher with wholesale distribution, Camps wanted to take ownership of their sales with an online channel, but had struggled to drive traffic effectively. Leveraging Facebook and Google Ads, they were able to expand their online sales by 500%, and at the same time develop a huge marketing list and engaged fans for repeat sales, & successful product launches.

Brands Our Team Has Worked With


How We Get Started Together

As your eCommerce Growth Partners, value starts from the very first call. We’ll take stock of your goals as well as a snapshot of your existing visible assets and recommend some immediate steps to take to optimize, regardless of whether we work with you.

If it seems like a natural fit, we’ll take a deep dive into your existing strategy, competition, market dynamics and digital channel fit. We’ll define a strategy ignite your revenue and take you to the next level. If you choose us to Elevate your digital capacity, we’ll drive the digital marketing for you. If you’re ready to invest in the next level of business growth, take action and arrange to chat with a Partner today.

We Believe

We Believe that the future of online success belongs to brands who deliver a profound and lasting human or environmental impact.

We call this Cause-Based Commerce
Desirable brands creating a ripple effect on the world, seek the right knowledge and experience to drive them forward with velocity and confidence. It takes authenticity, energy and persuasion. Taking advice from reliable partners is key to understanding the right levers to use, at the right time.
Backed by 25 years of combined experience and growing several multimillion dollar global brands, we understand business owners needs. We don’t just hack it, we channel your products strategically where it makes sense and gets noticed by your tribe, be it on FacebookTM or Instagram, LinkedIn or Spotify and Google. We don’t stop there, understanding everything it takes from packaging design, site optimisation, customer engagement or automation, and getting repeat sales.
Partnering with us will give you scaling advantages no other agency can provide. Expect a tailored approach designed to reach your business goals.
By creating tomorrow’s Cause-Based Commerce millionaires (you), we aim to generate waves of human & environmental impact, becoming Australia’s most successful online brand builders by 2025.


  • We believe that growth is the essence of life. That means both personally and in business. Since growth happens at the edges, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and perpetually invest in learning.
  • We believe marketing is about delivering an offer your market really wants. To do that, you need to understand your customers deeply, and actually solve their problems.
  • We believe in connection, open communication, transparency & trust in all things we do.
  • We believe that our client’s goals are our goals. When we hit the goals, you’ll find as many high-fives and popping corks as in our client’s businesses.
  • We believe that as partners, sharing their knowledge and experience means that you don’t have to learn from the same mistakes we did along the way. It’s a much faster way to success! We always ask “if it was our business, what would we do?” To benefit from that we expect our clients to openly share their goals, plans and challenges so that we can assist them better.
  • We believe that perfection is the mortal enemy of progress. Doubling down on good is much more effective than waiting for perfect. Therefore we unapologetically don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • We believe mindset drives attitude and has everything to do with success. It is as important to dream as it is to believe in yourself. Thus, one of our values is to believe that you CAN! Believing you CAN delivers a CAN DO attitude.
  • When we agree to work with a client, it’s because we believe in their vision. Once selected, we are relentless and leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of our client’s growth.
  • We believe creativity is key in standing out in a crowded market place and we provide a safe environment to brainstorm your next big idea, big or small.
  • We believe everyone has a story and your brand’s story matters now more than ever before. Because you resonate with it, understand it, and believe in it more than anyone else, only YOU (and your team) can tell your story

Meet The Team

Giles Smith

Co-Founder & Principle Partner
Serial Entrepreneur | Online Evangelist | Growth Mentor

I help business owners architect their growth online.

Over the past 5 years I have helped dozens of business owners define and execute successful online strategies, growing their business so that they can enjoy the empowerment of success.

Giles Smith

Co-Founder & Principle Partner

Sue Prentice

Co-Founder & Principle Partner
Founder Growth | Partner | Mindset Ambassador

I help Empower brands to reach their potential with strategic insights and creative solutions.
I love nothing more than chiselling ideas beyond the impossible to drive profit and freedom.

Over the last 25 years I have helped many multi-million dollar global brands in various verticals around the world communicate their message to stand out and rise above their competition, on and offline.

Sue Prentice

Co-Founder & Principle Partner

EJ Claudio

Customer Success
Client Advocate | Service Superstar

I help our clients serve their customers so that they can grow.

I’ve worked with the Founders for many years, ensuring that our online customers get the best experience from our products & services so that our brand is trusted and is synonymous with service & quality.

EJ Claudio

Customer Success

Ash Mittal

Design & Development Lead
Innovator | Technologist | Implementation Specialist

I turn digital strategy into optimized online experiences

I lead our rockstar tech team to ensure the digital strategies our partners define with you are supported by a frictionless online experience for your customers. In short, my team and I execute optimized stores on Shopify and Woocomerce, so that you can enjoy maximum ROI from your marketing efforts.

Ash Mittal

Design & Development Lead

Tom Moester

Facebook Media Buyer
Advertiser | Campaign Strategist | Facebook Platform Specialist

I build the ad campaigns that turn strategy into dollars for your business

Leveraging my deep experience on the platform, I connect with your avatars through paid campaigns, and implement our tiered strategy to convert them into buyers and repeat purchasers.

Tom Moester

Facebook Media Buyer

Jeremy Yang

Google Ads Black Belt
Advertiser | Campaign Strategist | Google Platform Specialist

I ensure your brand is seen when potential customers are searching for a solution

From brand keywords to retargeting, I tailor a powerful paid presence on google so that you maximize your exposure right when customers are looking for a solution.

Jeremy Yang

Google Ads Black Belt

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  • You feel like you’ve hit a growth plateau and want to break through to the next level, or
  • You’re frustrated with the performance of your existing digital marketing & want to free up time to focus on other aspects of your business and personal life.

Sharing the Stage

We’ve been invited to present on Chatbots and Messenger Matrketing at events such as Digital Marketer Downunder alongside Facebook guru Molly Pittman, on podcasts such as Romance Your Tribe, and at high-level business masterminds such as The Collective with Greg Cassar and Inner Circle with Aaaron Sansoni

Greg Cassar

Serial Entrepreneur, Top 1% Marketer, Business Coach

Janet Beckers

Business Coach, international speaker and Australian Marketer of the Year

Molly Pittman

Digital marketing expert and educator, Co-host of Perpetual Traffic podcast

Aaron Sansoni

Global Mentor, Investor, Philanthropist and Best-Selling Author. Recent Nominee for Australian of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year

How to Get More Sales from Your Existing Traffic

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