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Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%

When you multiply the relationship-building power of Facebook
Messenger with eWallet Loyalty, you can Explode your profitability
with repeat business.

Go beyond points and amplify your profit.

Mobile Wallet

Beyond Points

We call this the Beyond Points Amplifier. And it gives you an unfair and absolute lock-in
advantage over your customers, and even over these big brands.

What Can Beyond Points Amplifier
Do For Your Profitability?

Let’s compare constant new-customer acquisition with the benefits of
Beyond Points Amplifier using eWallet and Messenger Marketing.

Bringing in a constant stream of buyers through ongoing ad campaigns can get expensive. Attracting first-time buyers usually means heavy discounts to get good site conversion, so profit potential is flat. Rising ad costs may make this strategy a zero sum game. In fact, many business run new customer acquisition advertising at just 1x ROI, or even at a loss.

Compare that to the compounding benefits of the Beyond Points Amplifier. With the same Ad spend directed at the same seed offers delivered though mobile wallet, the benefits of locking in repeat business quickly become apparent. Importantly, ROI continues to build over time!

The compounding benefits of Amplifier

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Here’s Why…

When you’re running monthly offers, incentivising customers to buy from you to gain access to even more great benefits, your profit potential compounds over time.

With Beyond Points Amplifier the same Ad spend could result in up to 30X more profit in your business!

Being able to engage on a personal medium such as Messenger, as well as alerted via eWallet is critical for maximum offer conversion. Beyond Points strategies help you transition your existing members / subscribers onto Messenger, like we did for this customer.

Here’s why the Beyond Points Amplifier is
such a unique and powerful solution.

  • Always – accessible eWallet offers maximize program retention.

  • Works with both online and in-Store purchasing

  • Uses Messenger funnels up to 35X more effective than email

  • Delivers notifications direct to your customer’s phone lock screen

  • Offer expiry reminders to increase offer uptake by up to 65%

  • Enables highly tailored offers to delight your customers

  • Use as a new customer acquisition incentive, not just post-purchase loyalty

  • Enable scheduled, seasonal, or points-based rewards at any time

  • You don’t need to invest in developing your own app

  • User-location based notifications and offer reminders

  • Viral sharing feature rewards customers who become brand advocates

  • Simple for consumers to understand and redeem

  • Unique warranty program extension turns a cost centre into a marketing engine

  • Works for franchise chains with both group and franchisee rollout options

  • Reviews extension encourages positive feedback, building your organic search and online conversion

  • Real-time reporting and powerful program statistics

Plus, delight your customers with…

  • Tiered memberships and status rewards

  • Surprise benefits that unlock through Loyalty

  • Flexibility to offer external partner benefits

Want to Demo The Beyond Points Amplifier Customer Experience?

Cool, we encourage you to get a feel for it yourself. See how easy it is for customers to get and redeem your offers, earn points and unlock meaningful benefits.

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Who will benefit most from Beyond Points
Amplifier solutions?

Ecommerce Stores

  • Re-position your Ad spend from ‘driving sales’ to ‘building Loyalty membership’ & enjoy greater profitability
  • Leverage your product range and benefit from product cross-sells inside your Loyalty programme
  • Protect yourself from rising ad costs and changing Facebook policy with a multi-channel communication strategy
  • Build brand recognition and satisfaction on and offline
  • Stay front of mind with regular, relevant offers

Direct to Consumer Brands

  • Inspire your customers to keep returning & taking up cross sell or upsell offers, increasing your share of wallet
  • Create raving fans through loyalty incentives
  • Explode your new product launches to a captive audience who have a vested interest in purchasing
  • Build brand advocacy with unique benefits and viral sharing features
  • Turn product registrations & customer support chats into marketing opportunities that directly increase customer lifetime value

Physical Retail Stores

  • Attract more people into your store with geotargeting, and easily acquire new Loyalty members before they even walk through the door!
  • Reduce check-out queues with simple scan, instant redemption on mobile, the same way as mobile payments
  • Delight customers with in-store beacons that trigger offers & reminders to help customers make the most of their membership.

Amazon Sellers

  • Turn Amazon purchasers into brand advocates with product inserts that lead to your Amplifier loyalty system
  • Improve organic rank with targeted traffic direct to your listing
  • Kill it with laser targeted seasonal and launch promotions on Black Friday, Prime Day etc.

Restaurants, Cafes & Clubs

  • Attract people to experience your service with hyper-targeted Facebook ads to Mobile wallet offers. Then convert to repeat visits with monthly offers
  • Encourage off-peak business with time-of-day offers
  • Delight customers with in-store beacons that trigger offer & reminders to help customers make the most of their membership.

10 reasons why eWallet Loyalty & the
Beyond Points Amplifier delivers the
best results for your business:

1. Customers always have their mobile phone with them, which means your ewallet loyalty card is always carried with them

2. No need to invest tens of thousands of dollars building a loyalty app for your business. Beyond Points Amplifier works with existing free apps that come with mobile phones.

3. Instant, timely offers are dynamically updated on the customer’s phone.

4. Offer notifications appear direct on your customers phone lock screen. That means you cut through the noise and stay front of mind – your offer is seen, not searched for.

5. Reminders can be scheduled, triggered in-store or by geolocation, resulting in up to 65% greater offer redemption than traditional forms of delivery.

6. Incentivise members to share to friends with a single tap, reducing your customer acquisition cost.

7. Offer redemption can be tracked in real-time, giving you rapid insights into offer take-up, redemption and profitability.

8. Learn your customers’ preferences on their journey, and enable greater customer segmentation for even better, sophisticated and personalised offers that improve conversion over time.

9. The Beyond Points Amplifier gives your customers complete visibility of their available loyalty points, current status and enables them to explore what offers are available in their mobile wallet at any time.

10. When used in conjunction with our expertise in Messenger Marketing, Beyond Points have you covered to educate, engage and build a relationship with your customers to explode your brand advocacy, repeat business and profit potential!

Why Choose Beyond Points?

We build Messenger conversations that engage users, deliver offers and encourage viral
sharing. Our solutions build loyalty, increase sales and multiply repeat business.


Start Multiplying your Repeat Business and Explode
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