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Are your eComm marketing initiatives focused on increasing customer lifetime value?

If not, then you’re burning money.

If you’re an eComm entrepreneur, you’ve almost certainly experienced this.

It’s expensive to attract new leads. Conversions often don’t lead to the initial sales you hoped for, and it’s tough to get customers to buy again.

Getting repeat purchases is absolutely crucial to profitable growth. Without a strong cohort of returning customers, you’re stuck in the frustrating cycle of burning cash to turn new prospects into first time buyers.

In fact, in our recent survey of eCommerce store owners the
top 3 factors limiting their growth potential were:

  • I find it difficult & expensive to attract the right type of customers.
  • Not enough people complete my sales funnels, and too many abandon their cart
  • Too few customers remember my store when they’re ready to make their next purchase

In fact, 53% of eComm businesses say all 3 of these factors limit their growth
They’re stuck in the eComm Burning Triangle.

We explore these issues in more detail in our blog post “The Top 3 Issues that Limit eCommerce Growth”. There, you can learn about the ‘Goldfish syndrome’ of average consumer attention spans and what you can do to help them remember you.

However, the central issue is that most eCommerce stores actually lose money attracting first time purchasers, and too few customers are successfully brought back to purchase again, starving the business of profit.

Loyal consumers buy 90% more often, spend 60% more per transaction and are five times more likely to return to your business.

In fact, just a 5% increase in customer retention will increase a company’s profit by as much as 75%.

We’ve all heard the mantra “to get more sales you need more converting traffic”. Many
business find they waste precious time going down one rabbit hole after another seeking
“what’s working now” to deliver ROI

But the real challenge for eComm marketers is to cut through the noise, to stand out and
build a relationship with each of your customers. To meaningfully engage with people. At scale.

How can Beyond Points help you
skyrocket your ratio of returning customers

At Beyond Points, our mission is help your brand stand out, compete and thrive by skyrocketing your ratio of returning customers.

We use a mix of the latest technologies & techniques to deliver a memorable omni-channel customer experience. Amplifier helps you compete with big brands and marketplaces by providing seamless and sophisticated customer engagement and loyalty.

Our unique system will leverage the power of messaging platforms so your business is the ‘purple cow’ that attracts ideal customers, all with low cost per acquisition. We build trust through engaging educational conversations then fully integrate eWallet Loyalty to entice your customers to come back & purchase from your store again and again.

The purpose built eComm solutions below have been battle tested by us and used by some major brands, with proven results

Boost your business profit with

Beyond Points Amplifier

Combined eWallet Loyalty & Messenger Funnel Omni Channel Solution

The ultimate solution for eComm store owners wanting to multiply profit through repeat business.

We combine Messenger product offer funnels with our unique eWallet loyalty solutions to absolutely skyrocket your eComm store’s customer lifetime value.

Using Beyond Points’ Amplifier, you not only benefit from increased customer awareness of your scheduled offers, but also inspire ongoing repeat purchases.

Your store will stay front of mind – exactly where you want it to be!

Our intelligent data tracking ensures you understand which offers work best, to what type of customers, compounding your results over time.

Real-time reporting means you can make adjustments on the fly, catapulting your results.

Learn how you can explode your profits with repeat sales..

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Supporting Funnel Products

To help you grow your core of repeat customers, we offer the following
solutions that make your brand truly remarkable


Respond to customer messages instantly with 8 automated touchpoints.

For eComm owners who haven't yet got started with Messenger Marketing

Explore Launchpoint

Base Jump

Get a boost of Messenger subscribers with our customized Giveaway system

Convert your existing Email members, and acquire 30% or more new members fo FREE using our unique viral sharing feature.

Explore Base Jump

Pinnacle Point

Drive sales with our high converting product sales funnels in Messenger

Proven to multiply your conversion rate and build your audience of Messenger subscribers from any channel, including packaging inserts.

Explore Pinnacle Point

Affiliate Point

Explode your ROI by turning fans & influences into affiliate sales engines!

Grow your audience, build your brand and generate revenue with no ad spend!

Explore Affiliate Point

Review Point

Build your store's social proof by encouraging Messenger purchaser's to review your product or service

Boost your Google Reviews or Facebook Reviews and watch your organic credibility grow!

Explore Review Point

3 Reasons why YOU should consider
adopting Messenger Marketing in your
eComm business

  • With 17M registered users in Australia, and 1.3Bn active monthly worldwide, Facebook Messenger is where your customers already hangout online.
  • Despite the rise of website-based chatbots, less than 3% of the world’s eComm brands connect with their customers via Messenger. That makes the fastest growing & least crowded marketing channel.
  • By 2020 Facebook will unify messaging across Messenger, WhatsApp & Instagram Messages, making it the next global powerhouse for customer engagement online

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Sue Prentice & Giles Smith founded and grew a 7 figure ecommerce brand in just a few years.

We’ve felt the pain of every dollar spent, as well as dollars wasted on advertising and marketing services that didn’t get the expected results.

Realising the power of repeat business, we adopted Messenger Marketing early when Facebook Messenger chatbots were almost unheard of.

In fact, our brand was one of the earliest eCommerce businesses to leverage Messenger chatbots via the Manychat platform. That was back in early 2017.

Unlike other agencies claiming to be able to build a chatbot and knowing what works for eComm brands – we’ve really DONE it and got results worth sharing.

Proudly acknowledged as experts, Beyond Points is one of the first organisations globally to be awarded a Manychat Partner Agency.

We’ve been invited to present on Chatbots and Messenger Marketing at events such as Digital Marketer Downunder alongside Facebook guru Molly Pittman, on podcasts such as Romance Your Tribe, and at high-level business masterminds such as The Collective with Greg Cassar.