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Are you one of the 80% of Amazon Sellers looking to diversify and stabilize your business?

Which route? What platform? What next?

If you’ve already got a successful Amazon strategy, you know there’s
money to be made on the 3rd party marketplaces,
but it’s not all plain sailing

In fact, despite the abundant advice & coaching available, only 20% of sellers achieve a 7 figure business. A recent report by Marketplace Pulse research found that of the 650,000 different brands who were Best Sellers on Amazon in 2018, only 200,000 actually exist on the platform today. That’s 450,000 that just disappeared.

Peter Drucker (the Godfather or modern strategy) once said that ‘The purpose of a business is to create & keep a customer’. Yet if you’re an Amazon seller, who is your customer? Amazon go to great lengths to educate you that the people purchasing your products on the platform are Amazon’s customers, not yours. In many ways, it’s like a wholesaler.

With limited repeat purchase potential for most products on the platform, sustained profitable growth is difficult. That’s why 80% of sellers are actively seeking ways to diversify their businesses, and generate more of their revenue from their own eCom store.

Having owned several Amazon businesses over the past 5 years, and successfully fast-tracking a 7 figure global brand in just 2 years, our founders intimately understand the challenges and attraction of brands selling on Amazon.

Having owned several Amazon businesses over the past 5 years, and successfully fast-tracking a 7 figure global brand in just 2 years, our founders intimately understand the challenges and attraction of brands selling on Amazon

4 Reasons why YOU should consider adopting
Messenger Marketing in your Amazon FBA business

1. Increase your listing conversion rate and build an audience for the big sales events like Black Friday or Prime Day.

2. Improve your review completion rate by following up customers who found you through Messenger.

3. Leverage your first-time organic Amazon buyers into repeat purchasers with Messenger cross sells. Increasing your repeat business is the fastest way to increase your profit!

4. Explode the success of new product launches by engaging your subscribers in product surveys. In doing so, you can build demand for your new release, ensuring it makes a much bigger splash and send powerful signals to the Amazon algorithm on launch!

At Beyond Points, our mission is for brands to take control of their online sales, grow profit and sleep better at night. Leverage years of experience and shortcut the success of your own eCommerce sales growth.

Avoid the scenic route!

To discover how we can help you leverage your Amazon sales to multiply your eCom store sales, our responsive bot will let us know you’d like some help. Chat with us on Facebook Messenger

Before You Make Your Next Move, Let’s Talk About How To Get There Quicker

The biggest concern among
Amazon professional sellers
this year was competition
from Amazon

38 percent of respondents citing Amazon as their
No. 1 worry.

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Its Time to Take Ownership of Your Customer Base.

If you’ve had some success on the platform, now is the right time to leverage that success. Start thinking about how to use the platform to attract and keep your own customers.

If you want to build a more predictable, profitable and therefore more valuable business, our Messenger Marketing & eWallet Loyalty strategies can help you make this transition.

Unlike most other agencies we recognize the power of a dual-channel strategy, and working with us isn’t like re-inventing the wheel when building your off-Amazon sales

Our battle-tested strategies will help you:

On Amazon


Define, research & launch new products to engaged followers


Increase your review rate & battle black hat bombers


Increase repeat purchases & cross sells

On Your Own eComm Store


Leverage Amazon buyers to make return purchases on your own store

Get site reviews, google review etc, improving organic conversion

Drive highly converting traffic to purchase on your site

Yes, we can help grow your Amazon sales, but our real point of
difference is that we are the only agency focussed on helping you
leverage your Amazon transactions to build LTV from real
customers on channels that YOU control. We are focused on
helping you grow a sustainable and profitable brand.

Supporting Funnel Products

To help you grow your core of repeat customers, we offer the following
solutions that make your brand truly remarkable

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