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All marketing
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drive sales.

Take the shortcut to multiplying your
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Messenger Sales Funnels.

Let’s just put it out there. Messenger funnels convert far better than any other funnel currently in existence.

Like all funnels, Messenger Funnels are the journey a customer experiences between the first click (typically a Facebook Ad or Post), and a purchase. The difference is that the ‘meat’ of the funnel is conducted inside Facebook Messenger using a pre-defined chat conversation.

The chat is designed to educate, helping the customer to explore the benefits and build the need to purchase your product, before taking them right through to your website to buy.

Compare the following industry average data for 3 most common eComm
funnels with the performance we expect from Messenger sales funnels..

As you can see from the industry averages, compared to our average performance for eComm clients, Beyond Points Messenger funnels are at least 2X as effective as Clickfunnels, 8X better than Google Shopping and a massive 32X better than email to website funnels.

Why do Messenger Sales Funnels
Work So Well?

There are quite a few factors that work in the favour of well crafted, thoughtfully
scripted Messenger funnels. Perhaps the 3 most fundamental factors are

  • The customer is in an environment they feel comfortable with, doesn’t feel like they’re being sold to, and can come back to at any time if they get distracted.
  • Messenger is an intimate, personalised channel where a relationship builds. By the time a customer clicks through to your site, they feel like they know you a little better, are more invested in the journey and more committed to buying the item(s).
  • It offers the most dynamic way for the customer to explore the deal at their own pace. Some people ‘just want it now’, while others need to research first. Messenger funnels cater for all.

Here’s why Pinnacle Point funnels are such a
successful way to drive sales for your store.

  • Expertly written chat language & conversation structure

  • Low friction entry points from Facebook / Instagram Ads

  • Linked to other Bots, including Base Jump, lead magnets etc

  • Delivery of generic or dynamic coupons{We recommend dynamic for Amazon sellers}

  • Full funnel metrics to optimize conversion over time

  • Links to Shopify or WooCommerce for post-purchase confirmation and bonus delivery

  • Links to post-purchase review requests to boost social proof

  • Cart Abandonment offers included – rescues 20% of abandoned carts {Shopify stores only}

  • Links to Amplifier Loyalty after purchase to boost customer lifetime value

Connects with Affiliate Point, delivering a fast way to engage
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