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New To Chat Marketing? Quickly Make Your Business Responsive 24/7 with our LaunchPoint Packages.

If you’re ready to launch into Messenger Marketing, it pays to get the scaffolding right.

Missing this key step will result in customers leaving your site and you may waste opportunities to make sales!

The biggest reason people believe they need a bot is to ease the pressure on human resources and save time with automation. Yet ironically, getting the setup wrong can results in your business being tied down for hours asnwering messages your chatbot should be able to handle.

Our Launchpoint packages contain all 9 of what we know
to be the most important foundation elements, including

  • Facebook Message Button – personalise the experience and steer the conversation in a meaningful way when visitors arrive on your Facebook Page and active the Message button.

  • Get Started Page – Customize your the ‘Get Started’ message to convert visitors into subscribers

  • Welcome Message – Make sure your first interaction is a positive one and tells the story of your brand in a few short words.

  • Messenger Menu / Navigation – Allow customers to take self-guided tour of topics that matter most.

  • Default Reply – Auto-magic that happen after a customers send a message to you (or the second, or the third). Program your default reply correctly so it feels natural

  • Thank You Keyword Auto-Responders – Nail your Thanks auto-responses even when it’s just emoji’s and save yourself hours!

  • Website Contact Us link – You know, Messenger links to! Get that set up right, along with immediate response content

  • Website Lead Magnet Slider – Take advantage of organic traffic to your website with lead magnets via Messenger instead of email, and enjoy the higher conversion rates that come with it.

  • Website Support Chat – make sure you’re capturing potential customers as Messenger assets from website support chats with chat widgets, with options to customize Chat for specific pages.

When it comes to getting all the basics
deployed FAST, you have 3 options

DIY Service

Download and install our basic templates, and get access to a video tutorial on each of the 9 basic elements outlines above.

Easy and quick to deploy, you’ll have the framework up in no time, and our video guides will help show you how to shape them for your business.

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GSD Implementation Day

Rock up to one of our regular ‘Get Sh*t Done’ Days, & leave the day with the job DONE.

Let us get your Manychat bot platform and template framework installed right from the start, saving hours and start converting sales from just one implementation day with our Expert team.

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Done For You Service

If you want the best possible start, let us do it all for you.

We take the hassle and stress out of finding time to learn keep up to date and then implement Facebook Messenger Marketing and driven traffic strategies. Get the 9 inclusive expert level service done including copy, images plus ongoing optimisation

This package goes way beyond the standard DIY templates delivering guaranteed results with transparent ROI reporting.

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