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Get a massive boost of Messenger subscribers using Beyond Points Base Jump solution for prizes and giveaways!

The best way to transcend your email subscribers into Messenger subscribers and boost Facebook Page Engagement.

There’s no escaping that email open rates and action rates have been on the decline for some time. Yet owning your tribe and building a list is becoming more important than ever. Leverage the power of Messenger Marketing to redefine your customer journeys. With open rates in the 90%’s, now is the perfect time to transcend your email subscribers into highly engaged Messenger subscribers.

Have you heard the news?
Messenger is the answer to
low email open rates.

We’ve tested many different ways to re-engage email subscribers including options with Messenger. Exclusive product offers work well, as do quizzes. But in the years we’ve been doing this, we’ve never seen any method more effective than the fine-tuned, Beyond Points Base-Jump solution.

We’ve perfected the art and packaged it up, making it easy to deploy in just one ‘Base Jump’ for your brand. With a dash of secret sauce, our unique viral sharing feature encourages people to share the giveaway like no other Messenger bot. Proven to bring between 30% and 100% more word-of-mouth entries into your giveaway!

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Here’s why Base Jump is such a unique and
powerful marketing tool for your business.

  • Includes tried & tested email template to entice your subscribers to Messenger

  • Low friction entry points for existing email list as well as new leads

  • Viral sharing feature proven to increase 1:1 conversations by 30-100%

  • Capture emails & build both lists at the same time!

  • Once deployed, set up and run new promotions in minutes

  • Gather insights into your customers enabling

Connects with Affiliate Point, delivering a fast way to engage
influencers and raise awareness of your brand with their audiences

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Want to Demo The Base
Jump Give Away System?

Cool, we encourage you to get a feel for it yourself. See how easy it is for customers to enter and share the give away!

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NB this is a demo bot for your experience only and not a true offer. The brand is ficticious for testing purposes only . No prizes and no products will be redeemable.

6 Tips for Preparing A Successful
Messenger Giveaway

  • Make sure your give-away offer is relevant to the audience you want to attract.
  • Make sure your offer is valuable enough to be worth taking time to enter and share-worthy
  • Ask a few simple but relevant questions to learn more about your potential customers.
  • Boost your entries by encouraging people to share the giveaway with friends
  • Create a compelling offer to be run post-give away to convert hot leads into customers
  • Consider what next when you have your list of subscribers waiting to hear from you

Who will benefit most from Beyond Points
Base Jump Solutions?

Ecommerce Stores

  • Start conversations with past customers in Messenger quickly and efficiently.
  • Grow leads, sales and reviews in a short period of time, dramatically increasing brand awareness
  • Create mystery and generate excitement ahead of new product release or member advantage for a subscription service
  • Quickly capture relevant leads and link to your subscriber list or CRM
  • Work with influencers and quickly raise awareness of your brand with their audience

Direct to Consumer Brands

  • Build customer relationships and increase retention through your product registrations
  • Raise awareness and excitement for new product releases or a subscription service
  • Work with influencers and quickly raise awareness of your brand with their audience
  • Build brand advocacy with viral sharing features

Amazon Sellers

  • Turn Amazon purchasers into your brand advocates
  • Turn one-time Amazon buyers into repeat purchasers
  • Plan to rank and rise fast with your own list of targeted leads with every new product release.

Restaurants, Cafes & Clubs

  • Encourage new patrons with the opportunity to win a deluxe experience.
  • Raise awareness of a new menu or off-peak offer to fill ‘bums on seats’

Start Building a List of Targeted Leads as
Messenger Subscribers and Raise Your Brand
Awareness With Beyond Points Base Jump

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We build Messenger conversations that engage users, deliver offers and encourage viral sharing. Our solutions build loyalty, increase sales and multiply repeat business.


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