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Whether you’re just kicking off your brand or you’re an established retailer looking to leverage your sales online, the most obvious place to get started is setting up your online store.

With the accessibility of systems like WIX and Shopify, it might seem like a simple thing to do, and it is, to a point. But if you’re intention is to make money selling online, you’re actually walking through a minefield of considerations.  

Which platform is best? How fast will the site load on mobile? What designs are appealing?  What are the best apps? How do you increase your order value?  How do you make it easy to navigate?

BUT - Did you know that over half of all online stores convert sales at

With that in mind the #1 question should be: Will my site convert visitors into buyers?

No matter what your niche, a major cost of marketing online is buying traffic (aka website vistors).   Whether you’re investing in paid advertising on FacebookTM, Google or building up your search engine ranking, it costs you time and money to acquire every single store visitor.  Yet a 3% conversion rate means 97 out of every 100 visitors will simply leave the store and never come back

The fact is that to be successful, you’re going to need a store that converts visitors into buyers at an acceptable rate. 

Once you’ve acquired the visitor, your site should do everything possible to push that person along the buying pathway without leaving your site.

Don’t forget – according to Netcrafts June 2020 survey there are 1,224,760,416 sites out there on the internet. That means that no matter what you sell, there’s a competitor online ready to woo your hard-fought site visitor with an alternative offer.  

Faced with the reality that their DIY template doesn’t convert sales, most merchants then seek a web design company to help them build a beautiful site. 

Hiring a designer or developer to build your site you can expect to pay anywhere upwards of $6k. Brand experience certainly plays a major role in online success, but the brutal fact is that most web design companies haven’t spent their own dollars trying to convert eCommerce sales.  You’ll end up with a better site, no question.  But will it convert at a profitable rate?

There is

As eCommerce Growth Partners, we recognize that setting up a high-converting store is critical for the success of your online strategy.  Having battle tested just about every conversion rate tactic there is, we’ve developed a comprehensive 135-point conversion assessment and a unique proprietary template for Shopify that routinely puts our customers in the top 5% of all online stores by conversion rate.

You won’t see the theme on the theme store, and until now it’s only been available to businesses we work with as their digital growth partners. With the huge increase in number of enquiries to help build eCommerce sites fast in the pandemic, we’re now making this available to people looking to make a start on their online journey.

We call it Ignite My Site.

Depending on how much help you need, you have 2 options:

Site Ignition

Get our Top 5% Theme Deployed
$ 1,999 One-Off Payment
  • Our battle tested and proven eCommerce Shopify template deployed for you in line with your brand
  • Checkout & payment process configured & optimized
  • The best performing apps pre-selected, installed & configured for you
  • Your product content loaded
  • Basic policy pages like shipping, returns, site terms done for you
  • Basic orientation on your new store & how to manage it going forward so you have control of updates, loading blogs easily, and adding new products and images

Ignition Booster

Site Deployment + Mentoring
$ 1,999 Per Month for 3 Months
  • Everything in Site Ignition
  • Your supplied images & product copy reviewed & optimized for success
  • Abandoned cart sequences set up
  • 3 months of 1:1 support & mentoring to help you launch the right way and get traction fast

We can’t express enough how many businesses make the mistake of believing that a simple DIY template is going win customers and convert them into buyers.

When it comes to making money online, creating a conversion-optimized store is literally the difference between success and failure.  You could spend years tweaking the store yourself (burning advertising dollars while you’re at it), or you can hire us to do it all for you over a couple of weeks.   

To find out how we can put your site in the top 5% of online conversion – Tap the button below to arrange a no-obligation call with one of our partners.