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[CASE STUDY] How An e-Commerce Company Uses Messenger Marketing Bots To Generate A Whopping 39% Conversion Rate

Messenger marketing can give your eCommerce business a boost in sales, customer retention, and support quality. That’s exactly what Camps Australia Wide discovered when they decided to implement Messenger marketing.


It’s difficult to grow an e-commerce business.

With so much competition out there, your messages often get lost in the noise. And if you’re running a small business, you may not be able to dedicate many resources to your marketing efforts.

That’s where using automated Facebook Messenger campaigns can help.

Messenger provided a highly engaged medium for attracting and converting new customers. That’s what Camps Australia Wide learned when working with Beyond Points.

How Bots Benefitted Camps Australia Wide

Camps Australia Wide is one of Australia’s leading publishers of touring and camping books. Established in 2001, they provide detailed camping guides that offer information about Australia’s many campsites. When they came to Beyond Points, they were in the midst of launching their newest editions. 

Their goal was to increase the number of sales on their Shopify store, and shift the balance away from traditional bricks & mortar retail.

Unfortunately, they faced a challenge in terms of the traditional nature of their audience. Those looking to buy camping goods tend to visit brick and mortar stores. They want to try before they buy, which makes things difficult for an e-commerce store.

The good news is that they had a large email subscriber list of 32,000 people. Unfortunately, they’d found engagement with their campaigns was on the decline.

They needed a new marketing solution that would help them to boost sales and engage their subscribers.

That’s where Beyond Points could help.

We explained the many benefits of using bots for an e-commerce store. Our goal was to help them win control of the online market so they could launch their new products to an engaged subscriber base.

They also wanted to capture new subscribers and expand their presence on social media.

We came up with two tactics.

The first was a Messenger-based giveaway to attract Messenger subscribers. 

Using a bot, linked to a boosted Facebook post and simple Facebook Ad, Camps Australia Wide received 6,000 new subscribers in the space of just five days. This was then linked to a post-draw discount offer for the new version.

The second strategy used a Facebook Ad and Messenger  funnel campaign to educate customers on the new features, and took them to the shopping cart with a coupon.

The campaign achieved 1,289 ad clicks and 507 sales. That amounts to a 39% conversion rate, which compares favourably to the 1.7% rate of the client’s email funnel.



How Can You Use Bots to Boost Your E-Commerce Business

Camps Wide Australia enjoyed amazing results thanks to using bots to boost their business.

But how can you do the same?

Here are five ways that bots could help you to grow your business.

Method #1 – Building an Engaged Customer List

As you can see from the stats above, traditional email campaigns often don’t convert well anymore. They achieve far lower open and conversion rates, which means you’re wasting money sending emails that many people don’t read.

Using Facebook Messenger, Camps Australia Wide created a targeted audience for their new product, which converted at a much higher rate than email.

You can do the same.

Giveaways are a great way to attract new Messenger subscribers based on your existing email list, Facebook fans, or even targeted ads to look-a-like audiences in Facebook.  With the right set up, you’ll be able to leverage that list into the future.

Method #2 – Winning Control

With Messenger marketing, you’re able to win control of your audience thanks to increased responsiveness. You can create an outstanding service that ensures customers get the answers they need from the moment they enter your online store or Facebook page.

Using Messenger marketing allows you to engage your customers and build powerful relationships.

Bots can assist customers with their enquiries and provide instant answers to questions that may take your customer service team several hours to respond to.

It’s all about building trust to ensure the user feels as comfortable as possible during the purchasing process. Messenger marketing allows you to hit the various customer touchpoints in the journey with consistency. Plus, the use of automation makes it easier to gather customer data and integrate it into your CRM. This means that you can personalise the messages that you send.

By doing this, you take back control of your audience because you offer speed and quality that your competitors can’t provide.

Method #3 – Encourage Repeat Purchases

According to an article published on Forbes, companies spend five times more on attracting new customers than on nurturing existing customers. 

Furthermore, another international survey revealed that repeat customers drive an average of 40% of a store’s revenue. Plus, they’re much more likely to convert when compared to new customers.

Despite this, so many e-commerce businesses neglect repeat customers in favour of chasing new ones.

You need to find the balance.

You can use Facebook Messenger bots to deliver information to existing customers and make sure they are nurtured properly. With an appropriately crafted content and value delivery strategy that works in concert with Facebook’s messaging rules, you can keep your audience engaged and alert them to new offers and products that relate to their interests.

Method #4 – Launching Products

Using a Messenger bot allowed Camps Australia Wide to achieve a 39% conversion rate for a new product.

In their case, they timed their Messenger promotion to build anticipation for their upcoming product launch. This helped to build excitement and anticipation for the launch, both among existing and new customers.

Messenger marketing allows you to communicate more directly with potential customers so they understand the benefits of your new product. You can provide notifications during development and you can tailor your offer to individual audience segments.

Method #5 – Getting Reviews

An unexpected side effect of Camps Australia Wide’s campaign is that they received a stream of positive reviews.

Integrating a well-constructed Messenger campaign into the product mix played a huge part in this. With Messenger, you can provide faster and more effective aftercare and customer service. The quality of this service encourages customers to leave positive reviews. Plus, it allows for you to build the trust required in the customer relationship to feel comfortable with requesting a review.

This is so important because many people make their buying decisions based on what other people say about your business. They’ll Google you before they buy from you. If they see a stream of positive reviews, they’re immediately more engaged than they would be if they only had sales copy to read.

It’s Your Turn

Camps Australia Wide gave their social media presence a boost, gained new subscribers, and increased sales using bots.

You can do the same.

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With Beyond Points, you’ll learn how Messenger marketing can give your e-commerce business a boost. Message us now to arrange your strategy session.